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JANSEN ALLEN - Corsicana, TX

Since starting racquetball at the early age of 4 and becoming a top 8 professional player on tour, I have always wanted to give back to the sport and become an instructor to help others. The USA Racquetball Instructor Program was a great opportunity for me to become more familiar with teaching others and critiquing my coaching skills as well.  I enjoyed learning and successfully completing the Instructor Program with Fran Davis in San Antonio, Texas at the YMCA.  This is my first certification and I look forward to working with others to help improve their game.  Texas racquetball has always been the home of many great racquetball players and I hope to continue this trend by promoting the junior program and growing the sport.  I would recommend this great program to anyone who loves racquetball and teaching others.


When I was at Texas A&M (many years ago when I had a full head of hair and 50 lbs. lighter) I took my first racquetball course and quickly got hooked on the game.  It was in this class that I met Lance Gilliam, also from San Antonio, who was kind enough to teach me a thing or two about the sport and we remain friends to this day.  I later found out Lance was the Grand Puba of racquetball and continues to promote the sport in San Antonio.  Over the years I’ve also kept involved with the sport, became an Alamo City Racquetball instructor and began teaching beginners and juniors at several gyms.  However, I only recently completed my USAR-IP certification with Fran Davis at the YMCA Henderson Pass in August 2014.  The certification gives validation and the credentials needed to inspire confidence to teach the game properly.  Fran is a great coach/mentor who has taught me to be a better coach on how to teach, talk, demonstrate, reinforce and encourage students.  Her simple tips even improved my game tremendously!  I highly recommend taking this certification if you love racquetball and teaching.  It’s a great way to continually remind yourself of the basics which is the best foundation to the game.

SANDY LONG -  Forth Worth, TX

I completed the USAR’s instructor Program held at the Maverick Athletic Club in March. This is my first time as a certified instructor. I learned several new techniques to help me provide improved instruction in both individual and group instruction. I have implemented several of the new techniques with my current students and plan on continuing to grow as an instructor. I plan to use my certification to continue efforts to increase junior racquetball by developing after school programs and leagues aimed at Junior players and grow racquetball in Texas.


Attending the clinic of Jim Winterton I can say I definitely learned plenty. He showed me a whole new side to racquetball I didn't see to help the skills of others. I plan on using what I learned at the clinic by using my knowledge to start a racquetball class in my local college to introduce this sport to new young athletes. I plan to help students discover this wonderful sport and show them just how fun it can be. I will teach new students the game and help those that already do play.
I plan to hopefully be able to compete in some collegiate tournaments with them in the future. I will be using my certification with everything I’ve been taught to allow me to teach these players and show them everything I can to make them become great players. I also plan on giving lessons to some of the players at our local club and give them some tips to help them out whenever they need me. I try to give lessons to a lot of new players that come to our gym and give them some pointers to help thier game and now I I’ll be able to assist them more thanks to Jim. I can say I had a great time at the clinic and thank everybody that made it happen.

JOANNA REYES -  Corpus Christi, TX

The Texas Instructor Program at the Maverick Athletic Club was an excellent opportunity to be taught and certified by Coach Jim Winterton-coach of the #1 player in the world.  The TXRA is always in the forefront in providing their members opportunities like these to further their racquetball play and skills via tournaments and clinics. The course consisted of online and hands on training.  The hands on training was very helpful in bringing to life what had been studied online.  Coach's 'secret sauce' tips showed us how simple and fun racquetball can be versus overthinking plays and strategies.  Lessons and testing were done in individual and group sessions over the course of the weekend.  The course not only taught us about teaching but also went into detail on the responsibilities of being a coach. I plan to implement the lessons learned to further my assistance in growing the sport whether introducing the game to new players, working with juniors or coordinating free clinics in the tournaments I host.

Email:  Phone: (469) 233-4803
Since being introduced to racquetball, there have been many people who have given me instruction, pointers and welcomed me into the community. I love the game and when I heard of the USAR-IP Instructor Program I jumped at the opportunity to become a certified instructor. I want to use the training I have and continue to receive to pay it forward and help grow the sport that I love either with instruction, coaching or just a few pointers to help anyone wanting to improve their game so they can have a more enjoyable experience playing.
I am planning on doing some introduction to racquetball instruction at some of the local clubs to help raise participation and interest in the sport as well as maybe some group instruction with some of my fellow certified instructors. I look forward to doing some individual instruction and coaching as well for those interested in moving to the next level of play at the club or in tournaments. My goal is to use this certification to promote and expand racquetball and support those already playing and the new players of any age who are sure to come to this great sport. 

I have completed the USRA-IP with Jim Winterton on the 13th of March 2014. Upon completion of this program I am using the education I received to further my coaching of racquetball.  The students I am currently working  with will gain from my newfound knowledge as well as the ones I will be working with in the future. After being AmPro certified for many years, this is the new standard of instruction.  As the game changes so will the level of instruction. I plan to grow with this program through continuing education. Now that I am an USRA-IP instructor I will be helping at a local clubs to create opportunities for new players to learn the sport correctly.

LEO R VASQUEZ - Arlington, TX  Phone: (817) 791-4948
I really enjoyed taking the new USA Racquetball Instructor Program course at the Maverick with Coach Jim Winterton. I have also been previously certified as an instructor for many years but let my certification expire and lost some interest in teaching and coaching. With this new program I was re-energized with all of the new course material and the coaching element of the program that follows the continuing education guidelines of the United States Olympic Committee Coaching Program. All the elements of this new, innovative and exciting approach will help me provide top quality professional instruction. I will be using my certification to continue my lessons and clinics but most importantly I will be volunteering more of my time to helping juniors and to recruit new players to help grow our sport. I would encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about racquetball to sign up for the next certification course and help us grow the game all over Texas.

Texas Instructor Program (TIP)

The Texas Instructor Program (TIP) is a comprehensive reimbursement program designed to assist Texas racquetball instructors in providing quality racquetball programs in their communities for Texas women, men and children. This program is intended to encourage interested racquetball instructors to become nationally certified by reimbursing a portion of the cost of USAR-IP certification clinics offered by USAR.


The USAR-IP certification clinic conveys precise knowledge, skills and abilities required to teach racquetball efficiently; developing a clear comprehension and proficiency of the 10 Benchmarks of Instruction necessary to teach and train students; delivering an avenue for continuing education and advancement to assist qualified instructors in maintaining current informational skills; providing an evaluation process that facilitates consistency and quality control for instructional programs across the nation; and developing a high level of competence and confidence relative to primary instructional techniques.

Benefits of the USAR Instructors Program include:

• Certification is for three years.

• 5 million dollars in liability insurance coverage.

• Safe sport education, important in this era of coaching scandals.

• Online certification, rendering the weekend of certification courses obsolete.

• Vast library of education, including the latest USOC strength training education.

• Mentoring program, with nationally known coaches.

• Entry level coaching course for members who want to coach.

• Ongoing educational courses to keep up with the game.

• Programming program for creating revenue streams in clubs.

• Only recognized racquetball instructional program in the USA. No other instructor certification is recognized by the USOC or USA Racquetball.

Cost of the USAR-IP Certification Clinic

Three Year Instructor Certification Designation $220.00

One Year USAR-IP Membership $ 75.00

Texas Instruction Program Reimbursement ($150.00)

Net Cost to Instructor $145.00

Reimbursement Requirements

In order to receive reimbursement, the racquetball instructor must be a current member of USAR and a Texas resident and submit to the Texas Instructor Program Coordinator evidence of successful completion of the certification clinic, a personal image suitable for publishing on the TXRA website and a brief explanation of how the instructor intends to utilize the education to the benefit of racquetball in Texas. Upon meeting these requirements the racquetball instructor will be issued the reimbursement funds and be granted the right to use the TIP designation in conjunction with their racquetball activities.

For more information about the Texas Instructor Program contact:

Coordinator: Bob Sullins,

Coordinator: Leo Vasquez,

Helpful Links:

USAR-IP Instructor Certification Information

Texas Instructor Program Supplement for Programming Incentive

An exciting new supplement program for all USAR-IP Certified Instructors. This supplemental program would provide compensation for certified USAR-IP instructors holding the Texas Instructor Program (TIP) designation each quarter for conducting adult or junior clinics, leagues and other events promoting racquetball In Texas. The purpose of this supplemental program is to assist and incentivize Texas instructors who generate grass roots racquetball interest in their community.

This program was recently approved by the TXRA Board of Directors in hopes that we can continue to promote racquetball here in Texas and offer some extra incentive for USAR-IP certified instructors.

Upon approval, instructors will receive $150 each quarter if they schedule at least three clinics, leagues or events or any combination of:

  • One junior clinic, league or event.
  • One women’s clinic, league or event.
  • One adult clinic, league or event.
Each event must include at least five (5) attendees to qualify. Product demos do not qualify.

Reimbursement Requirements

Requests for payment along with evidence of successful completion of the clinics or events must be submitted to the President of TXRA or his designee at the end of each quarter. Evidence must consist of a description of the event, list of attendees and at least three digital photos of the actual event.

For additional information contact, Leo R Vasquez, or Bob Sullins,