The Texas Racquetball Association's mission is to develop and promote the growth of racquetball.

The Texas Racquetball Association functions because of the participation of its dedicated and passionate members. Join a Committee!

Awards Committee

Develops and implements annual awards to inspire TXRA members to be better players, show sportsmanship and voluntarily help grow racquetball in Texas

Communications Committee

Develops and maintains on-line and off-line communication with Texas racquetball players, enthusiasts and supporters

Finance Committee

Develops, implements, and maintains all finiancial records and reporting to TXRA membership and board.

Governance Committee

Develops and improves governance for TXRA Board and general membership

Strategic Planning

Develop and implement TXRA programs to further develop players, tournaments, and facilities in Texas

Youth and Collegiate Committee

Develop and implement plans to grow and support youth and collegiate racquetball in Texas

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