The Texas Racquetball Association's mission is to develop and promote the growth of racquetball.

The following guidelines are presented to assist the tournament facilities and directors in planning, scheduling and successfully executing a USAR/TXRA sanctioned racquetball tournament. The items listed below and on the following pages were researched by the TXRA board via a member survey and personal interviews. The result is a formula for success and one which reflects a standard of quality that Texas players expect from sanctioned tournaments. TXRA serves as the sanctioning body for all events held in Texas, including Regional and National events. As the governing body of the sport, TXRA requires that these guidelines be followed in order to provide maximum benefit to the tournament hosts, sponsors and players alike. In planning your event, you must be aware of the following:

On the weekend of sanctioned state level (or higher) tournament, no other sanctioned tournaments shall be held within the state.

On any other weekend, tournaments preferably should be sanctioned at least two weeks apart, if possible. However, no tournament should be sanctioned on the same weekend within 100 miles of a previously sanctioned event. Requests for dates will be processed on a first come, first served basis, however consideration should be given to traditional tournament dates by the Director of Scheduling.

Only the current TXRA ball may be used for a USAR/TXRA sanctioned tournament. Exceptions to this rule are: the tournament is either a National event or a professional sanctioned event (IRT, LPRT) with a total of $2,000 (not prorated) in prize money given out to the top division (Men or Women). Balls must be provided in adequate numbers to insure consistency throughout the final rounds of play.

A reduced entry fee for junior divisions must be offered. At a minimum, this reduction must represent a 25% discount of the adult fee.

In determining a referee policy, four options are available: refereeing by losers, refereeing by winners, paid refereeing or self refereeing. The referee policy should be clearly designated on the tournament entry. An option for the player to provide a suitable replacement should be made known to the players.

The most recent available USAR rankings should be used to determine the seeding within the draws. Rankings and division ranking range suggestions are currently available at the USA Racquetball website under Rankings/Skill Division Ranking Range. Rankings must be available to the players for inspection throughout the tournament.

All racquetball courts to be used for tournament play must conform to USAR specification in regard to size and marking.

To be covered by USAR insurance policy, all players must hold a current USAR License at time of play proven by either a membership card, appearing on the approved list to participate or by showing a valid receipt as proof of membership. USAR License applications must be made available at the tournament entry for non-members.

Tournament Directors must complete a sanctioned event request, along with any required fee, using the National Tournament Management Software a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the start of the event. Much earlier submission is preferred in order for the event to be listed on the TXRA/USAR upcoming event calendar.

All players should be guaranteed the opportunity of playing in a minimum of two matches, either through single elimination with a consolation event, double elimination event or a round robin event.

The tournament entry form or tournament website shall advertise to the player exactly and correctly what will be provided by the facility as well as specify required details concerning the tournament. The minimum information that must be included in the tournament entry form is as follows:

DATE: The full date of the event must be listed with emphasis on any unusual or early play. (Thursday for example)

SITE: The club or facility name, full address and telephone number must be listed. A map with major highways and directional details should be included.

ENTRY FEE: All fees must be listed. All exceptional fees, discounted fees, increased fees, late fees, telephone fees, referee fees, association fees should be emphasized.

ELIGIBILITY: You must note that players are required to hold a USAR License for participation and that such membership must be verified upon check-in.

PLAY: If there is a limit of the number of events per player then it should be noted and a statement must be included stating a player entered in two or more events may be scheduled to play back-to-back matches without a rest period.

RULES: Must note that current USAR rules will apply and also must note if consolation matches are being waived or provided. If the format of third place playoff matches is changed in any way, you must note this at the time of registration.

REFEREES: The referee policy must be clearly stated.

STARTING TIMES: Should be available a minimum of 48 hours before the start of scheduled play. Every attempt must be made to have times available when advertised. For example, if tournament play begins Friday at 5pm, then start times should be available Wednesday at 5pm.

ENTRY DEADLINE: The deadline must be set at least 48 hours prior to the published availability of the published start times.

ACCOMODATIONS: The nearest available hotel or sponsoring facility must be listed. Address, Phone number, map and any mention of group discount rate. HOSPITALITY: The TXRA recommends a minimum of the following be provided:

  • Fruit such as oranges, bananas for fresh hydration and nutrients.
  • Some type of electrolyte replacement drink should be offered throughout the tournament. Gatorade or Powerade are examples.
  • Continental breakfast and lunch or dinner should be offered.
  • If t-shirts, collared shirts or other articles of clothing are offered, they must be of adequate quality and screened or embroidered as a souvenir of a “racquetball” event.

BALLS: TXRA provides racquetballs for the tournament at no charge, therefore the logo of the ball providing company should appear on the entry form and the tournament shirt, if possible, at no cost to TXRA or the sponsor.

TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS: The name listed on the entry form should be an on-site Tournament Director. This allows the player to speak directly to someone knowledgeable about the tournament. The Tournament Director should appoint a tournament rules committee consisting of an odd number of qualified persons to resolve any disputes that the referee or Tournament Director cannot resolve.

FORMAT: The format of the event should be stated as either single elimination format in which divisions of less than six players may be played as a round robin or as a round robin format. The scoring format should be clearly stated on the tournament entry form.

AWARDS: The type of recognition to be presented should be clearly stated. Cash awards should be specific as either guaranteed or prorated. If prorated, state the minimum number of players required for presentation of the full amount. The level of presentation, that is, first, second, third and consolation or first and second only should also be stated.

Tournament Directors are responsible for using the R2/USAR National Tournament Management Software to enter all USAR memberships and pay all membership fees. Tournament Directors are responsible for reporting the results of the tournament to the USAR, using the reporting features of the National Tournament Management Software within fourteen (14) days after the event. Tournament Directors are responsible for insuring that all players hold a current USAR License at time of play. If a player, for whatever reason, is found to have played without a license then the Tournament Directors are responsible for contacting that player and obtaining a completed application and the appropriate fee. These actions are necessary and must be performed in a timely manner in order to insure that ranking points are awarded to the deserving players and that TXRA remains in compliance with USAR reporting requirements to be eligible for funds available through membership rebate.

These guidelines are designed by Texas racquetball tournament directors and players. They are intended to maintain a high level of quality at ALL events, regardless of size, therefore; Failure of Tournament Directors to meet these responsibilities may result in suspension of sanctioning privileges.
Revised 4/06/2018