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What the loss of the Maverick means

What the loss of the Maverick means

I first played at the Maverick in 1985 when I moved to Dallas from Oregon. Even then, it was a true racquetball club. I’ve played more tournament matches there than any other club I’ve played at. I had my favorite court, I knew the de ... Read More

San Antonio pushing junior racquetball, future of the sport

It’s not a secret Texas is one of the hot spots for racquetball in the U.S., producing about 40 tournaments and garnering more sanctioned USA Racquetball members than any other state. Bolstered by major markets in Dallas- ... Read More

Life Time goes all in: Forges ahead with world-class events and coaching staff

Like two heavyweight boxers slugging it out in the ring, six-time world No. 1 Cliff Swain and five-time world No. 1 Sudsy Monchik battled on the racquetball court as they traded world championship honors during their legendary careers on the pro tour ... Read More

Why we all love racquetball

We all have different reasons for playing racquetball. It could be health, camaraderie, competition, etc. But no matter the reason, we need to promote our sport and keep it going strong.  As a member of the TXRA board, we are charged with hel ... Read More