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2019 Summer Splat....It's a wrap!!!!

I wanted to thank all the players and spectators that came out to watch in making the first Splat tournament a success.  I'm pretty sure (fingers crossed) that everyone had a good time playing and watching some great racquetball.  We stayed on time for Saturday's matches and finished an hour early on Sunday!!!!  I know was a dictator when it came to being on time but I truly believe that should be a big initiative for all racquetball tournaments moving forward.  So for all the conversations I interrupted, for the people I had to literally push into the court, for folks I had to call/text/email asking what their ETA was, for the select few that I had to spray with my water bottle to keep them moving...........I'm sorry but in the end, we ran on time. 

My other big initiative is to start giving back to the sport I love and that all starts with the future of our sport....THE JUNIORS!!!!!!  Without us supporting the juniors, our sport is in trouble and if you say the word "Juniors" up here in the DFW area, many minds immediately start thinking SANDY LONG.  Seeing Sandy Long standing behind her table of snacks, GearBox products,......has become a staple in the Texas racquetball community.  100% of the money that Sandy raises goes straight back to the junior program.  I have really gotten to know Sandy over the past year as my son, Cole, has taken a liking to racquetball.  She is so good with the kids and you can tell that those kids mean the world to her.  Because of Sandy's dedication to the sport, all the players of the 2019 Summer Splat surprised Sandy with a check for $1,000 which amounts to half of this tournaments proceeds.   Thank you Sandy and keep doing what you do.  You make a difference.  

Speaking of juniors, there is an upcoming star in our midst.......Micah Farmer! (Pictured left).  If you haven't heard his name yet or haven't seen him play, you are missing out.  Wow, this young man has made huge strides just in the past year. Micah came up through the junior program and yes....Sandy Long was instrumental in his development. One of the best backhands I have ever seen and he is only getting better.  Micah is playing at a very high level now and the sky is the limit for him. Micah is going to represent the United States in the upcoming World Junior tournament in Costa Rica.  Micah qualified for Team USA this past June up in Portland, OR at Junior Nationals.

I was there with Cole and it was a pleasure to watch Micah start to put his name on the map.  I have also gotten to know Micah really well over the past couple of years (yes, he beats me now) and not only is he a great athlete, he is a fine young man.  He works hard, goes to college now, comes from a fantastic family and is just a joy to be around.   This was an easy decision for us as we also surprised Micah and his family with a $1000 scholarship which amounts to the other half of the tournaments proceeds.     

So all in all, I hope everyone enjoyed the first Splat Tournament.  I know the 1st Place Custom Rings were a hit so I'll have those for the next tournament as well.  The next Splat tournament is already on the calendar...2019 Fall Splat will be November 9-10th (I already checked for you Dallas Cowboys fans, the Cowboys have a Sunday night game so you will not miss it).  I have not opened registration yet but plan on doing so in early September.  I'll send out a mass email through the USAR email distribution list announcing when I'll open up registration.  This one sold out in 4 days.  My goal is to sell this Fall Splat out in 1 day so be on the lookout if you want to play.  Let's keep giving back $$$ and support the sport we all love.  Just one more parting gift.....Show up early and be ready to play (sorry, couldn't resist).  

Soap Box Talk: After many years of playing racquetball, I have taken it upon myself to start giving back to the sport. Giving back can be done in many ways. Volunteering your time, introducing the sport to new folks and financially giving back are just a couple of ways to give back. I invite all of you to join me in my efforts to make a difference. Please pass this along to your racquetball buddies because if we get some momentum going, the sky is the limit!!!
See you on the courts......Kevin Sendrey
Donate: If you have an interest in donating towards the future of the sport, please reach out to me as we can make a difference". It is easy!!!