The Texas Racquetball Association's mission is to develop and promote the growth of racquetball.

Guarantee a spot for you and your favorite player into the 2020 Longhorn Open

Each year in the past, the TXRA presented the Annual Awards in April at the regional tournament, the Battle of the Alamo.

The Last Annual Awards held in April 2019

This past reception was very memorable for me especially, as we honored winners with fancy awards and delicious cake that even Paola Longoria enjoyed. I was so I excited, that I literately went head over heels when I trip over a metal post! Later, I photo-bombed Howard Walker's moment with Mike Cantu, which more than made up for nearly fracturing my foot, but I digress. At the next TXRA Annual Awards in 2020, we want to express our gratitude to outstanding players and contributors of our sport in a bigger and grander fashion!

Annual Awards to be held at the 2020 Longhorn Open

Award winners are guaranteed entry into the Longhorn Open!

The TXRA Board has arranged to present the next Annual Awards at the upcoming Longhorn Open January 18, 2020.  Due to the tournament's popularity and demand, the Longhorn implemented a new lottery system.  Therefore, in order to attend the Awards ceremony, our award winners will receive guaranteed entry into their first division in the 2020 Longhorn Open.  This a new award winner perk just as sweet as last year's cake!

Your feedback can earn you a spot in the Longhorn too!

Award nominations are open from now through Oct 21, 2019.   We are asking the TXRA membership to nominate worthy and outstanding persons for these awards.   To show our appreciation for taking the short amount of time it takes to nominate, the TXRA board will be holding a drawing for those whom submit nominations. The winner of the drawing will also be a guaranteed entry into the 2020 Longhorn Open so that they may participate in the Annual Award celebration (and play racquetball). We encourage you to nominate someone for any or all award categories.  Each valid nomination will earn an entry into the raffle. The more you nominate, the better your chances of winning! Go to the Award nomination page for Award categories and criteria.  Note: please ignore the outdated info on the form. The page will be updated soon to reflect the upcoming Award presentation in January, 2020. The Nomination form still active now through October 21, 2019.