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2017 Alamo City Open Post-Match Thoughts

Jon Friedman shares his thoughts after winning at the 2017 Alamo City Open in San Antonio this past weekend.

After careful consideration,  I would have to say that I just participated in my most memorable and enjoyable racquetball tournament to date, the 2017 Alamo City Open in San Antonio. I won the A Division (2 tie-breakers), I laid out like Superman for a get (the kids do that, not a 48 yr old),  got to spend time with my WRT heroes, David Horn "Bobby" and Rodrigo Montoya, got to introduce my friend Jah Alfa (Jimmy Alfaro) around and see him play in his 1st tournament, got to spend time with George Bustos and discussed training, and spent time with Randy Clark and discussed the future of fixmyracquet.com.  Finally, thanks so much to Miguel Escobedo and Mike Cantu for hosting!!!

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