The Texas Racquetball Association's mission is to develop and promote the growth of racquetball.

Results are in! 2018 TXRA Board Election concludes in a close contest

Thank you for participating in the TXRA Board election process.  As we continue to build TXRA, your involvement is critical. 


This year we had six outstanding candidates seeking to serve on the Texas Racquetball Association (TXRA) Board of Directors!  They represent many parts of the Lone Star State and have talented and diverse backgrounds that would lend themselves well to governing and growing adult, collegiate and high-school racquetball here in our great state!


This was an extremely close election.  All candidates received significant support.  The fourth elected member only had six more votes than the those that did not get selected.  Your votes really made a difference.   There were 312 total votes cast for the six candidates. 


As you know, this election was Four (4) open Board Positions.  Here are the top four candidates that received the highest number of votes (in alphabetical order):

Jeff Franco

Jon Friedman

Anita Johnson-Pena

Mike Sorensen

Congratulations to the election winners!  And thank you to all the candidates in this year's election.  With your support, Texas will remain one of the strongest and most vibrant places for this sport long into the future!