The Texas Racquetball Association's mission is to develop and promote the growth of racquetball.

CONGRATULATIONS to the #1 ranked Texans in the latest Military Racquetball Federation (MRF) rankings!

The TXRA has been instrumental in growing the number of servicemen and women in Texas racquetball through their membership incentive.  Our heartfelt thanks for the support! We hope to see more Texans join us at the 2018 MRF National Racquetball Championships next month at Fort Hood, August 17th-19th.

Below are the top ranked Texas players in the Military Racquetball Federation (MRF) .

TX Men's Singles - Open

#1 Lorenzo Valdez
#2 Tyrone Gilmore
#3 John Rhodes

TX Men's Singles - Elite

#1 Augusto 'Gus' Sanchez
#2 Luis Feliz
#3 Michael Perez

TX Men's Singles - A

#1 (tie) Abel Perez
#1 (tie) Antonio Fernandez
#1 (tie) Todd Haney

TX Men's Singles - B

#1 Dhorta Harisse
#2 Melvin Gray

TX Women's Singles - All Ages

#1 Nicole Friesen

TX Men's Doubles - Open

#1 Lorenzo Valdez
#2 Tyrone Gilmore
#3 Glenn Martineau

TX Men's Doubles - Elite

#1 Jesse Moreno
#2 Louie Rameriz
#3 Ron Harris

TX Men's Doubles - A

#1 (tie) Enrique Garcia
#1 (tie) Ysa Garza

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