The Texas Racquetball Association's mission is to develop and promote the growth of racquetball.



DATE: Saturday, June 23, 2018,

TIME: 9:00 AM

LOCATION: The Maverick Athletic Club, Arlington, Texas 




Call to Order: 9:07AM

Texas Racquetball Association


Attendee Names:  Mike Grisz, Anita Johnson-Pena, Sandy Rios, Dale Gosser, Brad Giezentanner, Mike Sorensen, Julienne Arnold, Jon Friedman, Jeff Franco, Tom Doughty, John O'Neill


Attendees Not Present: Lance Gilliam,


A Quorum was declared based on the presence of the above named members at 9:07 AM


Approval of Previous Minutes
The following actions were taken by appropriate motions duly made, seconded, and adapted by the unanimous vote of the Directors of the Association present and entitled to vote.

Approval of 6/23/18 San Antonio, Texas (Regionals) meeting minutes as written by Julienne Arnold (digital mail not read)

       Mike Grisz motion to approve, seconded by Mitch McCoy.

       Unanimous approval by present Board Members.

       Motion to accept/approve minutes carries.


·         Motion to reimburse up to $250 of expenses for those Board members who traveled to meeting from outside the DFW metroplex.

o    John O’Neill motion to approve, seconded by Mike Grisz.

o    Unanimous approval by present Board Members.

o    Motion to reimburse travel expenses up to $250 carries.

·         Motion for all Board members to make their best efforts (not requirement) to play in at least one TXRA State event per year.

o    Mike Grisz motion to approve, seconded by Mitch McCoy.

o    Unanimous approval by present Board Members.

o    Motion to have board memes make effort to play in TXRA State event carries.

·         Motion to hire and pay an attorney $250 to update the TXRA bylaws to match the current USAR bylaws.

o    Mike Grisz motion to approve, seconded by John O’Neill.

o    Unanimous approval by present Board Members.

o    Motion to pay attorney to update bylaws carries.

·         Motion to pay Julie Arnold $2000 to add new features to the TXRA website over the next 12 months.

o    Mike Grisz motion to approve, seconded by Mitch McCoy

o    Unanimous approval by the present board members, minus Julie Arnold who was excluded from the discussion and vote.


·         Finance Report presented by Mitch McCoy

o    Financial report handouts were distributed.

o    Current assets are $28,933.

o    We should expect approximately $6,000 in revenue from R2 and USAR rebates by year end per Mike Grisz.

o    Income statement shows loss due to Juniors. funding already occurring.


·         USAR report presented by Jason Thoerner

o    Thoerner called in to talk about the USAR LEM Program, other programs and answer questions

o    LEM program:

§  The USAR has implemented a 1st time free program.

§  Participants cannot have played in a tournament the last three years.

§  One time only. Not able to upgrade.

§  Participants have to sign up, not t/d.

§  The TXRA LEM program reimburses tournament directors.

·         Participants can upgrade. In other words, we’re subsidizing the upgrade, the USAR does not.

·         Missouri, for one, does as we do.

·         Jason ok with our approach.

§  We would like statistics as they become available from the USAR on the program.


o    Ambassador program.

§  Have all of board members signed up?

§  Mike Grisz to follow up on this.

o    Facility partner program.

§  Discussed but we did not follow up on Texas participation.

§  Mike Grisz to follow up on this.

o    Starting of high school and college teams.

§  We will pursue this at the University of Houston

o    Upgrade of R2.

§  In process. Shopping cart, auto renewal features.


·         TIPS Report presented by Mike Sorensen

o    We are making an effort to try to expand the number of USAR certified instructors. Currently, 9 listed on website. Currently, TXRA reimburses $150 towards level 2/3 certifications. We also reimburse $150 per quarter towards expenses for clinics, lessons etc. provided guidelines are followed. Only Mile Sorensen and Sandy Long have taken advantage of the quarterly reimbursement. We are going to provide for reimbursement of the full $295 reimbursement to attain the level 2/3 certification in the proposed budget (not adopted yet by the Board). This program, if adopted, will be for the first 10 people, through the end of 2019, who complete the certification process.


o    The costs to obtain level 1, even with the free instruction process, are the $75 annual fee up USAR, which includes insurance, as well as the background check fee and the participants must complete the SafeSport online course (free).


·         Junior’s Report presented by Mike Grisz as a result of discussion with Sandy Long who was at Jr. Nationals.

o    Some controversy occurred because of the Board decision to award a $500 scholarship to Shane Diaz to help defray a portion of her costs to travel to Jr. Nationals.

o    Other participant’s families have submitted requests for reimbursement.

o    It is the Board position that the payment to Shane was a scholarship. 

o    Mike Grisz will submit scholarship guidelines, which were discussed in the meeting, for formal approval. The policy, briefly, is that future scholarships will be awarded if:

§  participants play in State Juniors.

§  have credible recommendations

§  not needs based, and 

§  submit in writing.

o    The Board discussed and then voted on a partial reimbursement of tournament costs to those players who submitted requests and voted 8-4 against any reimbursement.

o    There is pending approval in the proposed budget to award two $500 scholarships per year.

o    The Board very much wants to maintain its support of the Junior State tournament. We will strive to increase participation.

o    The Board also has the full confidence in Sandy Long and wants to continue to support her efforts and is also looking for ways to support the San Antonio Juniors program under a Thomas Evans and George Bustos.


·         Communications Report presented by Julienne Arnold

o    New address and phone number. 8 calls in the last month. JA wants a quarterly newsletter. This needs to be developed. Jeff Franco wants to help JA. JA is also looking to develop racquetball app. 

o    Leagues discussion also led by JA. Trying to develop more accessibility through the website and coordination between league directors. Get interactions between TXRA and league directors around Texas.


New Business

·         Houston racquetball. Discussion led by Jon F.

o    The objective is to start having successful tournaments in Houston. Jon has done much legwork in getting this process started. The University of Houston looks like a viable venue with 6 courts. There is a tentative offer to rent 5 courts for a Saturday/Sunday event for $2,300. In conjunction with this event, or as a subsequent development, the TXRA would like to support the formation of a UH college team. 

o    The proposed budget includes a $2,000 set aside to help this tournament break even. We would like to get the event on 5he TXRA calendar and we would work with him, John O’Neill, Michael Kaplan, and others in the Houston racquetball community to make this tournament happen. We discussed a September time frame.

·         Mike Grisz will put out message from President on the website before the end of July.

·         State tournaments

o    Request from Leo Vasquez at the Maverick to hold all upcoming state tournaments. Board approved 2018 State Doubles and State Singles for the Maverick but has decided to put the 2019 tournaments out for bid.

o    The tournament standards guidelines will be updated by Tom Doughty. 

o    In the proposed budget is $1,500 for the tournament shirts for State doubles and $750 to be allocated to State Seniors. The TXRA will retain control of these funds.

o    Other items discussed were getting a pro on hand at one of the events or a live band.



Old Business


·         The 100 mile distance issue (between tournament locations for tournaments made on same weekend) was discussed and no changes to the rule was made.




We collectively came up with a proposed budget which Mitch McCoy will formalize and submit for discussion and approval. As follows:


·         $3,000 TIP initiative

·         $2,000 Houston tournament stop loss,

·         $1,000 Junior scholarships,

·         $2,000 Longhorn Sponsorship,

·         $1,500 Tournament shirts for 2018 State Doubles,

·         $750 Allocation for 2018 State Seniors,

·         $6,000 2019 Juniors contribution,

·         $4,000 Communication budget,

·         $2,000 Payment to Julie Arnold for web work through the next 12 months.

·         Total expenditures: $22,350 through end of 2019.


Committee assignments:


·         Strategic Planning: Mike Grisz, Tom Doughty, Sandy Rios

·         Communications: Julie Arnold, Brad Giezentanner, Dale Gosser, Mike Sorensen, Jon Freidman

·         Governance: John O’Neill , Jon Friedman, Anita Johnson-Pena

·         Juniors: Mike Grisz , Mitch McCoy, Sandy Rios

·         Finance: Mitch  McCoy, Mike Grisz, Sandy Rios



·         Committee calls: to be set up by committee chairs. I’d recommend one before August Board call.

·         Board Call: Mid August tentative. Will be a conference call.

·         Survey: TD recommendation is to resend, with slight modifications, at end of year.


Adjourned: at 3pm.