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TXRA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Conference Call Meeting Minutes September 11, 2018

TXRA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Conference Call Meeting Minutes September 11, 2018

Call to Order

       Texas Racquetball Association

       Meeting Agenda

       State tournaments dates and locations

       Reports from committees

       Attendee Names

       Board: Mike Grisz, Anita Johnson-Pena, Sandy Rios, Dale Gosser, Brad Giezentanner, Lance Gilliam, Mike Sorensen, Julienne Arnold,  Jeff Franco

       Attendees Not Present

      Tom Doughty, John O'Neil, Mitchell McCoy, Jon Friedman


       A quorum was declared based on the presence of the above named members at 7:02 PM CDT


Approval of Previous Minutes
The following actions were taken by appropriate motions duly made, seconded, and adapted by the unanimous vote of the Directors of the Association present and entitled to vote.

       Approval of June 23, 2018 TXRA Board Workshop meeting minutes as written by Julienne Arnold  (posted online; not read)

       Mike Grisz motion to approve, seconded by Mike Sorensen.

       Unanimous approval by present Board Members.

       Motion to accept/approve minutes carries.


       Motion to adopt award name change from Outstanding Contributor Award to Bob Sullins Outstanding Contributor Award

       Mike Grisz motion to approve, seconded by Jeff Franco

       Unanimous approval by present Board Members.

       Motion to adopt award name change from Outstanding Contributor Award to Bob Sullins Outstanding Contributor Award carries.


       Motion to purchase from Bob Sullins all three texasracquetball domain names (.NET, .ORG, .COM) for $250 to $300.

       Julie Arnold motion to approve, seconded by Mike Grisz.

       Unanimous approval by present Board Members.

       Motion to purchase domains carries.



       Governance & Strategic Planning presented by Mike Grisz

       Bylaws have been approved and signed by Mike Grisz. He will send to the secretary, Julienne Arnold, to sign and post on the website. 

       Mike Grisz created a Grant Application Form for members to submit to the board to request funding. Julienne will put it on the website. 

      Tom Doughty is working writing up a new policy for tournament guidelines and the bidding process for hosting state tournaments.

      Communications Report presented by Julienne Arnold

       Ideas for the Longhorn include holding a Top 10 Plays of the Year contest. Members submit on TXRA website, members vote, and the committee will create two 30 second commercial spots of the plays to be aired at the Longhorn as part of or sponsorship package. This idea is just a brainstorm.

        It was discussed if we should be spending $1500 at the Longhorn when other clubs might need it due to the Maverick closure. The board acknowledges this concern for the future. The Longhorn sponsorship has already been approved for this year's budget, however.

      Houston Open Report presented by Mike Grisz on behalf of Jon Friedman

       The tournament is 9/22. The directors are excited. Eighty participants have signed up.

       All profits will go towards their next Houston tournament.

       Juniors Report presented by Jeff Franco

       The committee spoke with juniors coaches, Sandy Long and George Bustos, and others about cooperating between regions.

       A goal is to talk to tournament directors about entry fees.

       A goal is to hold a clinic in the summer possibly with Jansen Allen.

       Mike Grisz noted that two scholarships need to be awarded. Logistics of when and where need to be determined in the future.

       The committee spoke to Dave Azuma who created the High School program in Oregon. Goal is to follow their plan.

       A goal is to have a junior player of the month and post on the TXRA website.

       Awards Report presented by Julie Arnold

       Suggestion to get professional photographer to take photos of winners to create Banners that are portable to display all year at various tournaments.

       The process may be revamped over the next year. Maybe presented earlier in the year during Longhorn or State Singles rather than Regionals.

       TIPS Report presented by Mike Grisz on behlf of Mike Sorensen

       Mike and Julie will coordinate to update the information on the website.

New Business

       Maverick Club Sale

            •       State Doubles tournament will be moved and/or postponed due to the sale of the Maverick Club.
                    Need to update on the website the date and location TBD.

      •       Leo will stay on as staff, and Sandy Long will continue to coach kids for the new ownersTexas Fitt.

       State Tournaments Discussion

     Houston is interested in running State Seniors in December, but is waiting to see how upcoming Houston tournament fairs next weekend.

            •      Dale proposes having State Seniors at his LifeTime club in Mansfield which as four courts.
                   It's possible they can pair up with the new Texas Fitt club which is 20 minutes apart. 
                   His club's courts are scheduled to be resurfaced, so the courts will not available before November 2018.
                   Mike Grisz suggested having State Seniors in late January, 2019.
            •      Mike Sorensen is discussing with Jack, the Landmark owner, what funds or resources he needs to allow us to run tournaments there.
                   They have 6 courts, but one holds cardio equipment.
                   Mike will negotiate or ask if we can reclaim that court for racquetball for future state and other sanctioned tournaments.
            •      Sandy Rios is working with Mike Cantu who spoke to Texas A&M about holding state doubles.
                   Cantu reports that the school limits events to one per semester. He is still negotiating.
                   The goal will be to have State Singles in March, 2019 at Texas A&M.
            •      Sandy Rios is also looking into Texas State in San Marcos. Potential liaisons to the school are Nick Pavloski and Jody Morris.
            •      Corpus Christi also offered to host a state tournament, but they only have four courts and are not centrally located.
            •      Mike Grisz asked if we can push the date and also combine State Doubles and State Seniors.
                   Doing so would just require adding a few singles divisions.
            •      Lance advised that having tournaments at universities are beneficial to the school receiving funds to support their programs.
            •      Mike Grisz asked how many courts TCU have? Answer, is six courts, but they have no program in place.
                   Brad will reach out to Kevin Arms, an alumni, to see if any possibilities are there.
            •      Mike Grisz reports that Howard Walker offered to host State Juniors tournament in Round Rock.
                   The tournament will not need more than four courts and the location is central.

      Next conference call will be mid November, 2018. Date and time TBD.

Other Business

Adjournment: 7:59 PM

SECRETARY APPROVAL: Julienne Arrnold  09/12/2018