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What the loss of the Maverick means

What the loss of the Maverick means

I first played at the Maverick in 1985 when I moved to Dallas from Oregon. Even then, it was a true racquetball club. I’ve played more tournament matches there than any other club I’ve played at. I had my favorite court, I knew the dead spots, it was home. Now it’s gone. We probably all have some personal Maverick memory of a match or a tournament. I met my wife there.

Let me give Bob Sullins his due. He kept that club running long past it’s heyday. But it was the last club that had regular tournaments owned by a dedicated racquetball person. And, now, we have issues.

Texas State Singles and State Doubles have been held there for years. We  changed the venue for State Doubles to Texas State University in San Marcos for Oct. 19-21 and to Texas A&M for State Singles (in March). Those are nice facilities but not available to us whenever we want. It will be challenging to find consistently available venues with 10 courts.

We all love the Longhorn Open at the University of Texas but that’s one tournament per year. Hopefully, we’ll be able to utilize both TSU and A&M on a going forward basis. We hope the University of Houston wants us to play tournaments there two or three times per year (six courts).

It may be we will be able to arrange to have multi-club events as is done in San Antonio. We will do the best we can. But whatever happens, I will miss the Maverick. Thank you for all you did for racquetball in Texas, Bob.

Editor's Note: Mike Grisz is President of the TXRA