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TXRA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Austin, Texas (Longhorn Open) Meeting Minutes January 19, 2019

TXRA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Austin, Texas (Longhorn Open) Meeting Minutes January 19, 2019


PRESENT: Mike Sorensen, Dale Gosser, Mitchell McCoy, Brad Giezentanner, Julienne Arnold, Sandy Rios, Anita Flores, Tom Doughty, Jeff Franco, Jon Friedman

ABSENT: John O’Neil, Mike Grisz, Lance Gilliam

GUESTS: Renee Gundolff (USAR), Jeremey Ruggiero (TAMU) on phone

CALL TO ORDER – A Quorum was declared based on the presence of the above named members at 8:05 AM

2019 State Singles Report & Discussion

Presented by Jeremey Ruggiero

  • Request made for the dates of March 22nd-24th, but school approval not finalized. Pretty positive no conflict.
  • Need R2 tournament website changes to comply with the university rules. Jeremey needs admin access and to be the primary contact.
  • No juniors under 18 allowed to compete because background checks are required of all volunteers. Juniors are allowed to spectate.
  • Sponsors and those setting up booths to sell, must have their permit paperwork submitted.
  • A minimum of $3000 will be donated to the TAMU racquetball club. Profits above that will be allocated as extra donation.
  • TXRA will pay for catering, T-shirts, and medals for the singles events.
  • Doubles events will be on the side and Jeremey will look into providing medals for these events.
  • Two weeks prior to the tournament, need to coordinate with Tom about the food.
  • Friday March 22nd, access to the courts will be requested for 4pm to allow for setup time.

2018/2019 Financials and Budget Report

Presented by Mitch McCoy

  • Cash basis financial statements as of 12/31/2018 were presented.
    • Asked the board's opinion about the annuity. Leave it.
    • We should break even at the end of the year.
    • Decrease in revenue due to the loss of the Maverick events

USAR Report

Presented by Renee Gundolff

  • Inquired about Texas A&M as a possible host site for future National Events. The distance to the nearest airport is a concern.
  • Gave board their dues dates for SafeSport and Background check.
  • Reported USAR staff new hires and position changes.

Junior's Report

Presented by Jeff Franco

  • Sandy Long may not need funding this year. It all depends on fundraising efforts.
  • Sandy will seek help for food expenses in the upcoming State Juniors tournament this June.
  • One essay has been received for the Junior Scholarship
  • Dale wants to have a Juniors warm-up at his next tournament.

Election Nominations Report

Presented by Sandy Rios

  • 2019 elections will be run by John O’Neil, and Sandy Rios
  • An Email Blast, went out to TXRA members. No one emailed a response to John or Sandy. Yet two nominations came through from the website: Gary Durbin and Bob Sullins.
  • By word of mouth, David Weiser is interested in running.

TIPS Instructor Program

Presented by Mike Sorensen

  • Fran Davis is coming to Dallas this spring to hold a camp and instructor's camp to be held at the Landmark Club. The date is to be determined. 

Open Discussions

  • Jack Yang requests reimbursement for expenses and loss of profit for cancelling his tournament in Houston that was on the same weekend as State Singles. The board discussed reimbursing legitimate expenses, and proposed offering a tournament sponsorship grant for his next tournament.
  • What can be done to improve the turnout of the upcoming State Juniors tournament?

Thereafter, there being no further business to come before the meeting, the meeting was duly adjourned at 9:15am.


Signed: _____________________________________      Date 1/25/19

                  Julienne Arnold, TXRA Secretary