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Mansfield Spring Break Shootout finishes strong

Mansfield Spring Break Shootout finishes strong

In the inaugural Life Time Fitness Mansfield Spring Break Shootout on March 16-17, It was a capacity turnout.

The tournament opened with singles on Saturday and doubles on Sunday. 

In men's elite singles, Fernando Carpena took first place, holding off Noel Chapa, 11-7, 7-11, 7-5. Both finished 4-1 overall, but Carpena took the title by virtue of his head-to-head victory. 

Steve Yap took third, Ivan Velazquez took fourth, Brad Giezentanner finished fifth and Trey Hanner sixth.

In men's A singles, Angelo Pavesio came back from losing game one to Jeff Franco, 11-0, to win 11-2, 7-3, capturing first place. Both Franco and Pavesio finished 4-1 overall, but Pavesio won head to head over Franco.

Franco was second, Chris Wright was third, Randy Helm took fourth, David Kessler was fifth and Doug Tholl took sixth.

In men's B singles, it was Michael McNeely taking first place over Tanner Vincent, 11-10, 11-6. Both players won their respective pools, advancing to the finals. 

McNeely won group one, going undefeated in four matches. Second place went to George Church, Brian Murphy took third, Elijah Foster finished fourth and David Shinn took sixth. In group two, Vincent also went undefeated. Carlos Trevino finished second, Lee Hayes took third, Reginald Rhines was fifth and Scott Wheeler took fifth.

In men's C singles, Life Time's Jay Pearson held off Noah Ruby to capture first place. Both were 4-1 overall; however, Pearson took first via the head-to-head victory over Ruby, 11-4, 11-2.

Pearson and Ruby teamed up to play men's C doubles on Sunday.

Pearson came in as the No. 6 seed in the six-team division. His only loss came at the hands of Scott Wheeler, who finished fourth. Rounding out the C division were Mike Rushing (third); Elijah Foster (fifth); and Hector Hernandez (sixth).

In the juniors division, Gael Trejo, William Ruby and Leah Trejo all competed with Gael coming out on top to earn the gold medal. Ruby finished second.

On Sunday, John Housley and Ivan Velazquez paired up to go undefeated and win the elite/open division doubles. Second place went to Fernando Carpena and Jeff Franco, third went to Brad Giezentanner and Steve Yap, fourth went to Hayden Farmer and Zane Braggs and fifth was Randy Helm and Alfonso Alvarado.

Housley and Velazquez only lost one game during their four matches. That came in an 11-10 decision to Carpena and Franco. Housley and Velazquez took the tiebreaker 7-4.

In men's A doubles, Bruce Teter and Graham Guthrie held on to win first place over Christ Wright and Michael Scrivner, winning 11-4, 11-10 to finish undefeated at 4-0. Wright and Scrivner went 3-1 for second place.

Third place went to Cole Harris and Michael Yourell, fourth went to David Kessler and Terry Lee Hayes and fifth went to Terry Wenetschlaeger and Steve Standish.

In men's B doubles, Jorge Ramirez and Lucas Elwell took first place at 3-1 over Michael McNeely and Andrew Pesantez, who were also 3-1. Ramirez and Elwell defeated McNeely and Pesantez head to head, 1-11, 11-8, 7-6.

Capturing third place was the team of Carlos Trevino and Brian Murphy, taking fourth was Muhammad Shoaib and Brian Swiggart and fifth was Jay Pearson and Noah Ruby.

In men's C doubles, the team of Reginald Rhines and Chris Perry took first place at 3-1 over Christopher Brantley and Jesus Gutierrez, who also finished 3-1. Rhines and Perry beat Brantley and Gutierrez head to head, 11-8, 11-4.

Noah Ruby and Andrew Pesantez finished third, Carl Sukta and Ben Fayyazi took fourth and David Shinn and Hector Hernandez finished fifth.