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A farewell message from the President

A farewell message from the President

To all my Texas racquetball friends, 

I will be stepping down as President of the TXRA next month. I have recently moved to Virginia so it’s appropriate to let another Board member serve as President.

The new President and the Board have a new challenge in that we, the Board, look to be running the State events. We just completed a very successful State Singles at A&M. State Juniors will be in Round Rock June 1-2.

I have proposed combining State Singles and State Doubles into one event beginning next October at Texas State University in San Marcos. We need to find a way to have a higher turnout at the State events. Maybe this is part of the solution.

I’m also working hard to bring a future National Singles back to Texas. Maybe as early as May 2020. The USAR would very much like National Singles to draw the numbers it used to when we had it in Houston.

I wish the new President success(to be elected at the TXRA Board meeting next month). I will serve out my term on the Board which ends April of 2020. Thank you all.

Mike Grisz
TXRA President