The Texas Racquetball Association's mission is to develop and promote the growth of racquetball.





San Antonio, TX

PRESENT: Mitchell McCoy, Brad Giezentanner, Julienne Arnold, Sandy Rios, Anita Florez,  Jeff Franco, Jon Friedman, David Weiser (on phone), Bob Sullins

ABSENT: Mike Grisz,  Mike Sorensen, Dale Gosser, Tom Doughty,

GUESTS: Sandy Long

CALL TO ORDER – A Quorum was declared based on the presence of the above named members at 8:15 AM

Opening Remarks 

  • General Meeting announcements were made, welcoming newly elected board members
  • The previous minutes were accepted via email after they were published on the web
  • Newly elected board members were accepted by the board via email.

Officer Elections


  • Bob nominated Julie, seconded by Jon. Sandy nominated Mitch, seconded by Jeff. 
  • There being no other nominations, Julie called for a vote.
  • Julie was elected President by unanimous vote.


  • Bob nominated Tom, then later withdrew his nomination after the meeting.
  • Brad nominated Dale
  • Because the two nominees were not present to accept the nomination, the election for VP was tabled


  • Brad nominated Dale
  • Because the two nominees were not present to accept the nomination, the election for Secretary was tabled


  • Sandy nominated Mitch, seconded by Julie.
  • There being no other nominations, Julie called for a vote.
  • Mitch was elected treasurer with a unanimous vote

Election Committee Chair Assignment

  • With John O'Neill retiring from the board, a new chair was sought for this critical committee
  • Sandy Rios who is on the committee, agreed to chair the committee
  • Other committee members will be assigned during the Workshop in June
  • Brad asked if new board members will be assigned a committee before the workshop. Julie gave a brief summary of all the commitees.
  • Until the Workshop, David will work with Communications and Bob will work with Governance

2018/2019 Financials and Budget Report

Presented by Mitch McCoy

  • Statements of Financial Position (Cash Basis) as of 3/31/2019
  •      Total liabilities and net assets around $29,381
  • Changes in Statements of Financial Position (Cash Basis) as of 3/31/2019
  •      Total revenue $6,941
  •      Total expenses $7,872
  •      Net income $ (931)
  • 2019 12 month Budget
  •      Estimated Revenue $14,000
  •      Estimated Remaining Expenses 18,700
  •      Estimated 12 Month Operational Deficit (4,700)
  • Julie requested a public version of the reports be made available for the website
  • Bob requested that the fiscal reports run from board term to term for reasons of accountability; Mitch will take it into consideration.
  • Bob received a $180 check from PayPal rewards from the time when the Mav used PayPal as a payment method for tournaments
  • Bob will give Mitch login access to Amazon Smile for accounting purposes.

2019 State Singles Recap Report

Presented by Sandy Rios

  • There were a number of cons listed from using the TAMU facilities. No juniors could play in the tournament. Broadcasting not allowed. Doubles winners didn't receive medals because the TAMU students incharge did not provide medals as promised. 
  • Going forward, it is the consensus not to use TAMU to host State events if it can be helped.
  • Participants were verbally surveyed their opinion on having State and State Dubs combined in one event. Many liked the idea.

Junior's Report

Presented by Jeff Franco

  • Tournament to be held in Round Rock 6/1-2
  • 3 Scholarships going to be presented at the tournament
  • Bob suggested renaming scholarship to sponsorship since it better describes the purpose and use
  • No estimate on number of kids expected to registered
  • Sandy Rios working on shirts with Joe Hall
  • Bob threw out the idea of combining State Jr's and State Seniors into one event. Pros and cons were listed. We agreed to see how this year's Junior's tournament will unfold before exploring changes to State Junior's

State Dubs Combined with State Singles in October

Presented by Sandy Rios and Mitch McCoy

  • Sandy Rios and Mike Grisz have talked to Texas State University about hosting State Dubs and Singles in late October. This idea was a result of the cons from the TAMU State Singles, and the possibility of Texas State hosting a National tournament in May 2020.
  • The Pros were listed as follows:
  •      Easier planning
  •      Save money on tournament grants, so money can be used for higher quality hospitality items
  •      Fewer tournaments are greater allure
  • The Cons were listed as follows:
  •     Year after year, the available date for holding events at TSU is subject to their football schedule
  •     Venita was asked to move her Ghostly Doubles event to accommodate the State Dubs event that same weekend. (In the future we want to avoid approving tournaments too far in advance before we have set out State events)
  •     Bob believes combining Dubs and Singles will actually result in fewer players registering rather than increasing registration
  • Julie motioned that we move to combine State Dubs and State Singles into one event in October. Sandy seconded the motion. The motion to combine State Dubs and State Singles into one event in October passed 7 to 1.

Open Discussions

  • Bob asked about the status of SafeSport training. Those who were not in compliance were reminded to compete before 6/1. Julie to send a reminder email.
  • Brad motioned to bring in Sandy Long to speak on State Juniors. Sandy seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. 
  • Brad stated that combining State Juniors with State Senior's was not her desire. Sandy affirmed that statement saying parents want to be there to watch their kids play.
  • 24 kids played in State junior's last year, expecting about 40 this year.
  • Bob asked how the Annual Awards was decided. The response was that the board left the final selection decisions to the Awards committee. Bob said in the past, it was the whole board's decision, not the committee's decision. This process will be reviewed at the workshop 6/1.

Thereafter, there being no further business to come before the meeting, the meeting was duly adjourned at 9:51am.


Signed: _____________________________________      Date 5/07/19

                  Julienne Arnold

                 TXRA Secretary