The Texas Racquetball Association's mission is to develop and promote the growth of racquetball.

Court Sport Diva Racquetball Invitational-It’s a Girl Thing! Corpus Christi, TX

Diva Directors: JoAnna Reyes, Anita Johnson Pena and Venita Mitchell

Calling all Divas! The Texas Racquetball Association partnered with the Court Sport Diva Racquetball Invitational.  In an effort to increase the association’s female membership the Association offered membership incentives to registered players.

30 court divas traveled across Texas from as far south as Edinburg and as far north as Dallas to the Corpus Christi Athletic Club. They gathered to show off their skills and get to know other female competitors across the state.

Registration scored a bag of goodies from our sponsors.  Goodies such as souvenir shirts by Splathead, cool diva sunglasses by Racquetball Shark, sun visors by Alien Racquetball, shoe laces from Lock Laces,  lip balm by Airrosti, ice bags by Court Sport Diva, snacks by MZ Companies and hair/bag accessories by ProStop Racquet Sports.  Special thanks to CC Athletic Club for hosting the event, Gulf Coast Graphics for all the banners/court decals and ProKennex for prizes.

Racquetball Shark, Venita Mitchell, was on hand to lead the ladies in a stretching and cardio warm up to music in the court.  The Divas were pumped and ready to leave it on the court!  The Divas then proceeded to compete in a round robin format under the direction of Tournament Court Director Ramon Florez.  Each division ended with one Court Sport Diva/Winner as noted below and attached photos.

During lunch the Divas gathered for a healthy lunch and sipped on infused water while Dr Harris with Airrosti gave tips on stretches and exercises specific to racquetball.  Door prizes were given for Divas correctly answering Texas racquetball trivia while expanding their knowledge of Texas players.

All in all the Divas had a great time networking on and off the court.  Email addresses and phone numbers were exchanged with great expectations of rallying with each other in the future or possibly partnering for an upcoming event.  We all hugged goodbye and looked forward to an annual event occurring. 




                Queen (Open/Elite):                      Martha Contreras

                Princess (A/B):                              Daniela Gonzalez

                Duchess (C):                                 Evelyn Perez

                Countess (D) :                               Teresa Perez               


                Queens (All Age):                          Olive Curtis/Xia Yang

                Queen/King (Open):                      Martha Contreras/Mark Malowitz

                Princess/Prince (Mystery):             Xia Yang/Luis Corona